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Canninghill Piers residents will benefit from being in River Valley, Clarke Quay District 06 of Singapore. River Valley houses and those in nearby Cairnhill and Orchard are in high demand among foreigners and Singaporeans equally. There are a variety of reasons why people are interested in houses in District 6. The Canninghill Piers site is the one that stands out.

They are located on prime property in Singapore’s central district, with easy access to world-class shopping and lifestyle amenities, prestigious schools, and parks. It is one of the most elite areas in the country, known for its high-end lifestyle. Since that River Valley is the most family-oriented neighborhood in District 6, future Canninghill Piers residents may expect to see a lot. When you live here, everything is right outside your door, including the world-famous Orchard Road retail belt. Canninghill Piers offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in the affluent River Valley.

So, if you’re curious about the advantages of living in this area, here’s a quick breakdown of everything it has to offer:

Benefits of living in Canninghill Piers Residence

1: Canning Hill Piers: Well Connected Location

clarke quay canninghill piers location

When it comes to the real estate sector, location is everything. The location of a condominium project, on the other hand, seems to have a significant impact on its property value. These days, the elite District 06 has pretty much everything you could want. Having a house near Canninghill Piers or living here means being close to several attractive attractions of Singapore. Canninghill Piers is adjacent to MRT stations, restaurants, retail centers, parks, schools, holy places, and the city itself. Owning a residential property unit in this lovely location will provide homeowners with a level of convenience and comfort that is unequaled anywhere else.

One of the primary reasons why several investors want to live in River Valley condominiums is that this region provides rapid access to some fascinating attractions — it’s also closed to the Central Business District, and that benefits, as well. Canninghill Piers is located in Singapore’s central region, and now the only factor that differentiates it from the city’s core business district is an 11-minute drive. The Dhoby Ghaut MRT station is also a short walk away from the residences. When you combine Canninghill Piers’ central location, it is in the heart of Singapore. With its improved connectivity, you have a site that provides homeowners with smooth access to various parts of the island.

Whenever it comes to shopping and restaurants in Singapore, River Valley residents have a plethora of possibilities. Besides the future hotel that will be a part of Canninghill Piers, River Valley homeowners will have easy access to the nearby local restaurants. When it comes to shopping, River Valley residents are indeed a few minutes away from Great World City and the well-known Orchard Road retail belt, which is home to a variety of shops and retail centers. Furthermore, the neighboring town of Robertson Quay is a place with some really very beautiful spots where you could relax and get rid of all of that stress which has accumulated inside your head.

The reality that River Valley is accessible to a range of schools is among the primary reasons why it is regarded as a family-friendly region (schools such as River Valley Elementary School). Expats flock to the region, which is densely packed with schools ranging from the Overseas Family School to the Singaporean International Schools.

District 06 is also recognized for its abundance of religious institutions. The Sri Thendayuthapani Temple is located on Tank Road, which is just a 7-minute walk from Canninghill Piers. Ngee Ann Kongsi (a 9-minute walk away), Chesed-El Synagogue (a few minutes away), and St. Bernadette are some other nearby places of worship that are also a few minute-walks away.

Gleneagles (a 12-minute drive away), Camden Medical Center (an 11-minute drive away), and Mount Elizabeth are just a few of the excellent private medical institutions and hospitals near River Valley (a 9-minute drive away). Given the proximity of these medical centers to Canninghill Piers, it’s indeed safe to assume that future residents will have easy access to high-quality medical treatment.

If you agree to buy a wander down the river, you will quickly understand that River Valley is a wonderful area to relax and enjoy the scenery. Residents of Canninghill Piers will love everything the place has to offer, thanks to the numerous diverse outdoor destinations locally available. Aside from the lovely Fort Canning Park, the neighborhood has a plethora of kid-friendly establishments. Many outdoor alternatives are available for homeowners at Canninghill Piers condominium due to all of the neighboring cultural and historical sites.

Showflat viewing for Canninghill Piers condo will be available in mid-2021.

2: Canning Hills Piers River Valley: Enhanced Connectivity

fort canning mrt near canninghill piers

River Valley is noted for providing its condo members with excellent connectivity. Canninghill Piers offers many different bus services with stops located across the neighborhood. Walking from Canninghill Piers to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station will take you approximately 15 minutes. Other neighboring MRT stations, like Orchard, Newton, Somerset, and Bras Basah, are also easily accessible.

One of Canninghill Piers’ top MRT stations will be the upcoming Great World MRT station. Residents can visit this station without breaking a sweat once it is completed, and it will function as a connection between them and the Thomson-East-Coast MRT Line.

When it comes to automobile owners, traveling around the neighborhood and traveling to several other parts of Singapore should be a breeze. River Valley is well-served by major roads and expressways due to its closeness to the CBD.

3: Canninghill Piers (Former Liang Court) Surrounded to Shopping Malls

ue mall near canninghill piers

Among the most crucial features, you look for while purchasing a new house is a nearby quality shopping center. Whether or not you enjoy shopping, it is fair to assume that being just a few minutes away from a nice shopping center will make you and your wife live a lot easier. River Valley is noted for having a plethora of shopping malls and easy access to additional retail and supermarket shopping outlets in the area. If you’re not shopping, shopping malls also have some surprisingly pleasant facilities where you and your loved ones can hang out. This includes places like a movie theatre, cafes, and restaurants that serve good drinks and cuisine daily.

River Valley is renowned as a shopping paradise, and there is no doubt that it has everything for everybody when it comes to shopping. The neighborhood has full of excellent shopping malls where you can get just about anything you would need while living here at Canning hill Piers – and if that isn’t enough, you can easily travel to nearby towns to find even more possibilities. Orchard Road is one of the top places in Singapore. These shopping complexes have everything, from fashionable fashion items to huge brands, modern supermarkets, and beauty stores to hundreds of varied cuisine alternatives.

The following are some of the best malls that you can find right next to Canninghill Piers:

  • UE Square – a 6-minute walk away
  • Robertson Walk – an 8-minute walk away
  • Clarke Quay – a 4-minute drive away
  • Great World City – a 6-minute drive away
  • Plaza Singapura – a 5-minute drive away
  • Orchard Building – an 8-minute drive away
  • Triple one Somerset – a 5-minute drive away
  • Orchard Point – a 6-minute drive away
  • The Cathay – a 6-minute drive away
  • 313 Somerset – a 6-minute drive away
  • Heeren’s – a 9-minute drive away
  • Orchard Gateway – a 7-minute drive away
  • SCAPE – an 8-minute drive away
  • The Centrepoint – a 9-minute drive away
  • ION Orchard – a 10-minute drive away
  • Paragon – a 9-minute drive away
  • Wisma Atria – an 8-minute drive away
  • Lucky Plaza – a 10-minute drive away
  • Park Mall – a 7-minute drive away
  • Orchard Central – a 9-minute drive away
  • Wheelock Place – an 8-minute drive away
  • Tang Plaza – a 10-minute drive away
  • Cuppage Plaza – a 7-minute drive away
  • Valley Point – an 8-minute drive away

Hence, there are so many different shopping alternatives available close to Canninghill Piers. Prospective residents of this area will undoubtedly be amazed by many available possibilities in the realm of shopping. It’s also worth noting that, in addition to shopping, several of these malls have gyms, restaurants, and a variety of other entertainment options, as well as critical services like hospitals and clinics facilities, laundromats, and banking facilities.

4: CanningHills Piers: Surrounding Schools

river valley primary school near canninghill piers

Canninghill Piers is a wonderful place to live, especially for married couples with children, one of the primary reasons for it is the abundance of renowned schools in district 6. These schools cover a wide range of educational levels in Singapore, and the neighborhood is indeed home to several notable foreign schools. Because there are so many different education alternatives in Canninghill Piers, you will have no trouble selecting the most exemplary curriculum for your children. The most significant part is that they will learn new skills without having to travel far from home. The following are some of the best and well-known schools that you can find in the Canninghill Piers area:

  • River Valley Primary School – a 6-minute drive away
  • School of the Arts Singapore – a 6-minute drive away
  • Singapore Management University – a 6-minute drive away
  • ISS International School – an 8-minute drive away
  • Lasalle College of the Arts – a 9-minute drive away
  • Gan Eng Seng Secondary School – a 10-minute drive away
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) – a 10-minute drive away
  • Alexandra Primary School – an 11-minute drive away

Married couples with young kids will also appreciate the fact that there are many good children care centers and preschools nearby too.

5: Canning Hills Piers: Parks and Recreational Areas

botanic garden near canninghill piers

Canninghill Piers is a delight to see from a recreational aspect. It is furnished with a variety of outdoor recreational facilities that its residents can use at any time. At Canninghill Piers condominium, you’ll find an extensive range of leisure opportunities. Even if you’d like to live alone, you will undoubtedly appreciate the added convenience of walking around parks, and the peacefulness and laid-back attitude of the neighborhood may also be beneficial.

Canninghill Piers and Fort Canning Park are only a 5-minute walk apart. Fort Canning Park is indeed the place to come if you’d like to spend some quality time in mother nature’s embrace. This park is not only a well-known landmark, but it is also full of history. The park is situated on land that was once residence to several of the 14th century’s kings. It also served as the Far East Command Canter’s and British Army Barracks’ headquarters.

Historical remains, as well as the well-kept underneath passages, could be seen today at the site. Both of these artifacts might offer you an excellent impression of what life was like in Singapore in the past. This park also has a variety of exotic flora and walking pathways. Various special events, such as concerts, theatrical performances, and festivals, are conducted in the park frequently. There are several beautiful gardens in this area that you can visit:

  • Artisan’s Garden
  • First Botanic Garden
  • Raffles Garden
  • Sang Nila Utama Garden
  • Jubilee Park (Phase 1)
  • Spice Garden
  • Armenian Street Park
  • Farquhar Garden
  • Pancur Larangan.

The URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) and the National Parks Board have worked up to improve the city’s greenery and create more public spaces for future River Valley residents to enjoy. Orchard Road will be transformed into a lifestyle attraction as part of the legislation. According to the plan, a 6-kilometer-long green connection will extend from the Singapore River to the Singapore Botanic Garden. Fort Canning Park’s entrance to the Singapore River will be enhanced as well.

6: Canning Hills Piers: Surrounding Food Areas

bistecca tuscan steakhouse near canninghill piers

River Valley is the best foodie destination when it comes to globally inspired cuisine. This location’s food culture is constantly evolving, with only the best meals being served from the restaurants, food courts, cafes, food kiosks, bakeries, fast food restaurants, and just about every other food-serving establishment you can imagine. With all that in mind, if you live at Canninghill Piers, you can be sure that your favorite meal is only a few minutes away. You don’t have to wait for hours for delivery. River Valley’s extensive meal selections include everything from foreign delicacies to cultural and traditional Chinese cuisine. The following are three of the top destinations that any foodie should visit at least once in their lives:

  • Feng Ji Chicken Rice
  • Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse
  • Japanese BBQ Yakiniku Yazawa

If you walk from Canninghill Piers to Feng Ji Chicken Rice, it will take you around six minutes. This restaurant’s chicken rice is from a high grade that is rarely encountered elsewhere. Feng Ji Chicken Rice is arguably the best variation of this traditional Chinese cuisine. So, whenever you feel like having a bowl of chicken rice, Feng Ji is the spot to go. But if you live in Canning Hills Piers, you can get chicken rice in few minutes.

This Italian eatery is also just a short walk away from Canninghill Piers. You can get to Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse is a 9-minute walking distance, where you may savor exquisite steaks. Apart from their tempting taste, you’ll enjoy the ambiance, which complements the cozy atmosphere nicely. It’s the perfect location for a dinner date with your loved one.

Yakiniku Yazawa, a Japanese BBQ restaurant, is indeed a great destination for everybody who likes Japanese cuisine. One of the significant aspects of this location is that it is only around seven minutes by foot from Canninghill Piers. This restaurant serves some excellent Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price. It’s likely to say that it’s one of the most incredible locations in the neighborhood for lunch or dinner.

Okinawa Dining, Chikuyotei, The Tavern Pub and Restaurant, FOC Restaurant, and others are some of the additional restaurant alternatives available in this neighborhood. In general, the dining selections in River Valley are virtually limitless, while Valley Point and Great World City also provide some excellent choices.

7: Kids Friendly Places Near to Canninghill Piers

amped trampoline park near canninghill piers

Another main reason investors are seeking homes is that they should be close to numerous kid-friendly sites with a variety of low-cost amenities. Canning Hill Piers lane is located near the river, where there are numerous venues where children and their parents can spend their weekends.

It should be mentioned that there is a new kid-friendly site along the Singapore River and also the Amazonia riverfront region. Amazonia is an indoor playground with a giant wave slide that is located beside the Singapore River. The Park Is Popular Amongst Parents Because Amazonia’s management requires and meets a high level of safety procedures and requirements.

The Amazonia is located within the fantastic Vivocity Shopping Centre, which is only a short distance from Canninghill Piers, making it an excellent place to spend quality time with your kids after work. Amazonia is a globally popular franchise, and the playground allows group bookings to reduce the cost of obtaining some playtime for your children.

As soon as you enter this incredible location, you’ll be escorted into the toddler area, which features the softest play area you’ve ever seen in your whole life. The children will enjoy playing as soon as they arrive at the building. This might be difficult to persuade them to remain until you take their adorable tiny shoes off their feet and place them on the nearby shoe wall. Most kids would rather get right to the fun and excitement than wasting so much time removing off their shoes. They have wonderful soft foam mats, and also the room is well-stocked with foam play walls and blocks, floor cushions, and even a foam slide that is perfect for adults and youngsters.

Many Other Kids Friendly Place for Quality Time with Your Family and Friends are:

The Amped Trampoline Park

The Amped Trampoline Park is a fun destination for kids because it has so many attractions that they will look forward to going there every weekend. The park’s amenities include 25 interlinked trampolines, Dutch ballparks, and property owned by Dangs, making it one of the most popular destinations for children looking for an active, exciting, and adventurous weekend. The Amped Trampoline Park is especially popular with parents who want to provide their children with some indoor activities so that they may burn off some energy before returning home and getting a good night’s sleep. Not only will kids enjoy an exciting session at The Amped Trampoline Park, but the parents will also be able to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the park with their children, making for a memorable weekend at The Amped Trampoline Park.

The Polliwogs

Another popular indoor playground for kids near River Valley Road is The Polliwogs, which offers various exciting group activities for kids to make new friends even while learning new things. Some of the activities offered at The Polliwogs include Moo Moo Craft and a strong bracelet that encourages children to collaborate to reach a common goal. As a result, the Polliwogs teach the kids the value of teamwork and how to work together to complete a task. Because some of the tasks necessitated parental assistance, The Polliwogs also allow parents to participate with the children to complete the project.

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